Is Your Website Really Responsive?

Is Your Website Really Responsive?

These days, having a responsive website is a must. We are all aware that mobile has overtaken desktop Internet usage so websites must be viewed optimally on all devices. Responsive websites give you just that. Sites built with responsive web design (RWD) make for easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing and scrolling.


What is a responsive website?


A responsive website is one that responds to the user’s preferences based on the device he/she is using.  In a nutshell, the following are the key elements of a website designed to be responsive to all devices.


1)      Adaptable size. A website that adapts the size of the screen to make it suitable for viewing on both desktop computers and smartphones is considered responsive. Most importantly, the width of the website must be appropriate to the device, so that the only scrolling necessary is vertical.


2)      Optimal image resolution. Images are resized based on the screen of the device used, without distorting font size.


3)      Easy navigation.  Links are set apart for trouble-free clicking.


4)      User-friendly fonts. Fonts arelarge enough to be easily read.



Why is responsive website design important?


1)      Widespread use of mobile devices. Internet usage on mobile devices exceeds that of personal computers. Therefore, websites must be designed for optimal viewing on mobile.


2)      Saves time and money. Website owners only need to develop one site suitable for all devices.


3)      Improves conversion rates. Better user experience leads to more conversion, purchases, and engagement.




Why responsive design is important
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